Thursday Three

Thursday Three

The Thursday Three is the best of our Gourmet Sandwiches.  It is estimated that Americans eat 300 million sandwiches each day – that’s more than one for every man, woman and child in the nation!

Sandwiches are the backbone of any Corporate Catering Business; everyone does them. We always tell our clients that “We can do so much more than sandwiches.” It’s true, but if the occasion calls for it, then why settle for a boring deli sandwich and a pickle?  Fat Freddy’s Catering has an amazing variety of Gourmet Sandwiches that will change your mind about sandwiches. We use quality meats and cheeses and combine them with specialty breads and unique spreads and toppings. We have created some unique sandwiches and wraps but we also have our best version of some of the classic options.

These are the Thursday Three; Chicken Caesar Wrap is just like it sounds; we’ve taken a Caesar Salad and wrapped it up in a Spinach Tortilla.  Instead of your typical Italian Sub, we have created an Italian Roll-up on Flatbread.  Last but not least, our most popular sandwich, Freddy’s Famous Focaccia Club with Shaved Ham, Smoked Turkey, Swiss Cheese, with a House Made Pesto Aioli; you’ll never want a club sandwich any other way.

Our Sandwiches come with a  fresh tossed salad and a bag of chips; you can always add your favorite drinks or dessert if you like. Call our Catering Coordinators and they can help you complete your menu with some of our fresh sides and salads.  Don’t worry if you need a Vegetarian or if someone is Gluten Free; we can accommodate most dietary requests. Some special requests may come with a small additional fee.

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