Luau Centerpieces

Luau Centerpieces Tiki Mask

You’ve thought of everything for your Hawaiian Luau Themed Event; everything except for the centerpieces.

If you’re using a professional event planner or catering company, they should be able to offer some last minute suggestions.  One of our favorite “Go-To” centerpiece ideas is FOOD.

On Hawaiian Luau Buffets, we use whole pineapples all the time.  One of our corporate clients put one or two whole pineapples on all the guest tables and then invited their employees to take one home at the end of the event.   We also had this very crafty Mom who threw a Luau Party for her son’s graduation and she spray painted the pineapples and put sunglasses on them.

Now if you really want to get creative, you should try making these Luau Centerpieces.  The best part; you will have fresh fruit to serve at the event.

Carved Watermelon Tiki Masks


Luau Centerpiece



  1. Using an oblong watermelon, slice ¼ inch off one end of watermelon.
  2. If hollow carving is desired, scoop watermelon flesh out of carving and then place on cut end to provide a stable base. (Top of watermelon will be round, uncut side)
  3. Use a pencil to draw the face, making adjustments in scale to your particular watermelon.
  4. Use a melon baller to scoop out nostrils – use a small paring knife to clean up edges.
  5. Next use a paring knife to cut out the inside mouth area, leaving room for the teeth.
  6. Next cut the individual teeth, using the same small paring knife, and use a spoon to dig out a large area of flesh for mouth cavity.
  7. Next carve out eyes, digging a deep cavity in each, for drama. Use a channel knife to carve details.
  8. Take two balls of watermelon from watermelon flesh, using a melon baller. Insert into eyes with toothpicks.
  9. Cut the crown of the pineapple off and place on top of the tiki with toothpicks. Cut remaining pineapple into cubes.
  10. Cut cubes of papaya and place on a tray with the tiki along with cubed watermelon and pineapple. Logo

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