Halloween is a great time to have a party and Fat Freddy’s Catering is getting into the Halloween Spirit.   Last year we had a few clients who really wanted to go all out and had us create a menu with fun food names like “Roast Beast” (pot roast), “Bat Wings” (chicken legs), “Mashed Mummies” (potatoes), “Pickled Fingers & Toes” (vegetables), etc.

We have lots of new Halloween Buffet Decor: Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns, Skeletons, Giant Spiders, Cobwebs, Candles, Smoking Cauldrons, Spooky Trees, Ghosts, and much more.

Halloween Halloween Halloween
















And we also have some new Harry Potter Themed Decor which makes for a perfect Halloween Party.  House Banners and Table Runners, Potion Bottles that any Harry Potter Fan would recognize, a potted Mandrake, slug repellent, pixies in a jar, a remembrall and Hedwig the owl.   For this event we made special “Butter Beer” (butterscotch) Cookies that were a big hit.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter











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